Forged Men are not satisfied
leaving life and legacy to chance.

Every man is in The Rut, in The Drift, or on a Run toward his life and legacy. Isolation does not serve him, no matter where he finds himself.

It’s time to consider what The Cohort can add to your journey!


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Steve V. Steve V.

These men across the country have sharpened me beyond what I thought could happen; to be a better husband, better business leader, Father, and son of God. So grateful for the weekly connection to laugh, pray for, and challenge each other. The Forged Man Cohort has been my go to place for check in, inspiration, and thinking about where I am and where I want to go.

Will G. Will G.

It’s surreal to look back at who I was and the thoughts and actions that guided my life prior to diving into community… MAN COMMUNITY… BRO COMMUNITY… dudes pushing each other to climb higher… homies picking each other up when we get knocked down. That is what The Forged Man Cohort means to me. I had actively followed other men on Instagram and watched as they buoy communities like this, but I never took the dive. And I am so glad that I finally did in the Cohort. Take the step! It’s worth it!

Andy B. Andy B.

I’ve been jaded by the typical men’s group. The Forged Man Cohort breaks the mold of what you’ve ever thought of these type of groups. The men are open and transparent about what is really going on in their world. The truth of what it means to be a man is under attack and many answers we all are looking for are only found in community with other good men. Being connected with the men of FMC has helped me realize the importance of prioritizing personal growth. I have shifted from thinking about myself as the man I am, but also the man I am becoming.

Brian C. Brian C.

Forged men are high character men seeking to be better every day in all that we do. There is camaraderie amongst like minded men that want to leave nothing in this world to chance. Intentional, driven and singularly focused on improvement, for themself and those under their care. I suffer from imposter syndrome and in the midst of success, sometimes find it difficult to identify purpose in it all. Forged Man has helped me connect with the higher calling and purpose for men in this world.

Art V. Art V.

It has been great to hear other guys perspectives and experience on the range of subjects we face as men. I instantly felt a part of the group and the camaraderie is awesome! It often seems like everyone else has it all figured out in today’s digital world. It’s been great to realize no man is perfect. We all have struggles. To share those, and ways to grow, with other guys is so valuable.



Forged Men are from varying backgrounds, professions, and life stages. But all share the experience of being men in a culture in great need of good men, intentional husbands, fathers, and friends. We meet weekly by zoom, connect daily in The Cohort chat, and in person as often as the opportunity arises. We share highs, lows and what we are learning in order to offer insight and encouragement. We do this against the backdrop of discussion and challenges around a monthly topic pertaining to becoming the men we are called to be. Identity, Adventure, Health, Anger, Marriage and Family, to name a few.


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composuerunt viri


The Forged Man does what most men will not.



Alongside other good men, he becomes defined by three characteristics.



Integrity. Keeping the promises he makes to himself.



Honor. Keeping the promises he makes to others.



Intention. Taking courageous and purposeful action to deliver on his promises.



This is the expedition into the life he’s called to create, and a legacy that lasts.

Why become a member of the Forged Man Cohort?

“The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation” is a revered, but increasingly less relevant statement by the great Henry Thoreau. No fault of his. When we observe the world and it’s cultural landscape, the mass of men today seem not desperate ENOUGH. The tools to build life and legacy are more available today than ever. However, the mass of men lead distracted lives of no inspiration, making it impossible to hear, or pursue, the calling of their Creator.

The Cohort meets that condition head-on, by providing a rare community for men to invest in themself and each other. Connecting weekly in a cohort call, and online in the private Forged Man community where daily discussions are engaged, and encouragement and resources are shared.

The three high level values of the Cohort are:

INTEGRITY. Defined as keeping the promises you make to yourself. Confidence and growth compound when a man trusts himself, making success simpler and allowing a dependable foundation to be built for those closest to him.

HONOR. Defined as keeping the promises you make to others. Thoughtful consideration and good counsel help a man commit to the priorities that matter most. As a result he shows up with all his energy and focus to make the greatest impact in the most vital areas of life.

INTENTION. Defined by taking courageous and purposeful action to deliver on promises you make. Men are built for action. Action kills complacency, anxiety and future regret. Intention is the sharpening stone to the weapon of action, making it an effective tool to create an empowering environment for those close to him. This is the path to life, and a legacy that lasts.

If you relate to the story that many men have, of feeling stuck, disconnected, un-inspired, or maybe you’re “doing good,” but know there is more…the Forged Man Cohort is a place for you! Opt into exploring more by clicking “Join the Cohort” so we can connect and discover what could be next as a member of the Cohort. I look forward to it!

With integrity, honor, and intention.

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