About US

forged man collective

Forged Man Collective launched out of a commitment to men who don’t want to live in the drift, stay in a rut, or even just remain good, but stationary, in the world. At Forged Man Collective we believe the answer is two-fold; men in action and men in community. We provide the community, each man provides the action specific to the pursuit of healthy masculinity and the vision for his life and legacy. Together the forces of action and community grow each man closer to his individual, and our collective, calling for impact in our family, communities and the world as men.

The ways for a man to engage the Forged Man are also two-fold. The Cohort, our membership community, where men connect intentionally and weekly for insight, encouragement and accountability. The Collective, our free online community.

The Forged Man community is not intended to meet the need for in depth counseling or therapy a man may have in a season of life. We recognize the benefit of those modalities for men. We also recognize that the role of Forged Man and its members is one of providing insight from personal experience, and wisdom thereby earned.

We welcome any man who is not hesitant about the word “masculinity” and is ready to jump into a life changing community, with his eyes open to maxing out the opportunities to both grow and contribute within an amazing community of good men building their lives and legacies together.